In accordance with the national curriculum, pupils in St. Laurence’s BNS take part in all of its six strands, namely;


Strand units


·         Running

·         Jumping

·         Throwing

·         Understanding and appreciation of athletics


·         Exploration, creation and performance of dance

·         Understanding and appreciation of dance


·         Movement

·         Understanding and appreciation of gymnastics


·         Sending, receiving and travelling

·         Creating and playing games

·         Understanding and appreciation of games

Outdoor and adventure activities

·         Walking, cycling and camping activities

·         Orienteering

·         Outdoor challenges

·         Water-based activities

·         Understanding and appreciation of outdoor and adventure activities


·         Hygiene

·         Water safety

·         Entry to and exit from the water

·         Buoyancy and propulsion

·         Stroke development

·         Water-based ball games

·         Understanding and appreciation of aquatics


Each year St Laurence’s B.N.S focuses on the development of a specific strand.

For the 2017/18 school year, we focused on the Athletics strand. It was observed during P.E. lessons and general yard time, that very few pupils used correct technique when running.  They were also lacking in stamina over long distances, hence, the athletics strand was chosen as our primary focus.

During the year we worked on developing these skills by introducing the Daily Mile programme to the school.  Many of the classes were assigned a slot during the day and began running laps on our astro turf playground.  This initiative tied in with Mr Byrne’s P.E. classes, during which he taught pupils proper techniques and skills needed to run efficiently. Pupils also learned breathing techniques and participated in stamina building exercises which enabled them to run greater distances.

To maintain the boy’s motivation, we changed location several times and incorporated, the Run around Europe initiative. This involved collectively running virtual distances to a variety of different European cities. At the end of the year, the boys from 5th class completed a charity 5km run.  This boosted both confidence and class morale so much that the pupils are already looking forward to taking part again next year.

Our P.E. programme is constantly being reviewed to ensure that we deliver the Curriculum to the best of our ability in St. Laurence’s BNS.  We aim to introduce new sports when possible. For example, this year we introduced cricket and tennis.

Our targeting of the Active School Flag required an audit of our P.E. programme. This assessment has helped us improve our provision of P.E. in the school. Here are some key elements we now focus on:

  • We prioritise one strand each year for further development.
  • We discuss each child’s P.E. development during parent teacher meetings.
  • Our staff attend P.E. specific CPD courses.
  • We purchased new P.E. equipment to enable us to adequately teach each strand of the curriculum.
  • All equipment and resources are clearly labelled, well organised and easily accessible. We make maximum use of this equipment.
  • We place more focus on integrating P.E. into the classroom by incorporating physical activity breaks and awards.
  • We ensure that pupils are receive at least 1 hour of P.E. instruction each week.
  • We also promote a positive message that children enjoy 60 minutes of moderate, to vigorous, physical activity daily.