Parents Association Fundraising

The Parents Association run multiple events during the year to raise funds for particular items the children can benefit from, such as laptops, electronic blackboards, chairs, etc.

A smaller event is usually held in the run up to Christmas with the main event for the year held in the run up to Easter.

Voluntary Contribution


Paid in November/December

What is involved?

Payment per family based on size.

No. of Children in St. Laurence'sAmount
1Fee set each year
2Fee + €50
3Fee + €50
4 or moreSame as 3

What is it spent on

Light & heat, running of the school


The Voluntary Contribution is considered a charitable donation.

Paid via Alladin

General Charge


Paid in Late May/June

What is involved

Per child payment

What is it spent on?

ItemPercentages in 2021/22
Art Fund12%
IT Maintenance/Usage13%
PA Insurance Cover4%


Includes €6 to reimburse the PA for the Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for the children.

Paid via Aladdin