Charitable Donation Scheme

Part of the fundraising of the school from 2024 is the Chartitable Donation Scheme. It allows tax paid on donations to the school to be claimed by the school from Revenue.

See futher Details of the Charitable Donation Scheme.

To sign-up, download the Scheme"s CHY-3 Enduring Certificate form.

Parents Association Fundraising

The Parents Association run multiple events during the year to raise funds for particular items the children can benefit from, such as laptops, electronic blackboards, chairs, etc.

A smaller event is usually held in the run up to Christmas with the main event for the year held in the run up to Easter.

Voluntary Contribution

When? Paid in November/December What is involved? Payment per family based on size.
No. of Children in St. Laurence's Amount
1 Fee set each year
2 Fee + €50
3 Fee + €50
4 or more Same as 3
What is it spent on Light & heat, running of the school Notes: The Voluntary Contribution is considered a charitable donation. Paid via Aladdin

General Charge


Paid in Late May/June

What is involved

Per child payment

What is it spent on?

ItemPercentages in 2021/22
Art Fund12%
IT Maintenance/Usage13%
PA Insurance Cover4%


Includes €6 to reimburse the PA for the Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for the children.

Paid via Aladdin