Your child’s welfare and education are our primary concerns. If there is anything we should know about your child, of which we may be unaware, please come in and talk to us.


If a parent/guardian suspects that a child is feeling unwell in the morning please do not send them to school. Should a child become ill during school hours we normally ring home, requesting that the child be collected. Only in the case of an emergency is a child taken directly to a doctor.

First aid administered at school for minor cuts or bruises is of a temporary nature and should be treated as such by parents/guardians. Parents/Guardians are expected to keep contact numbers and addresses up to date on the school database. Please contact the office if you need to do so.

Home/School Communication

If a child is absent from school, we insist upon a note, signed by a parent/guardian, explaining their absence, on their return to school. Other options include a call or e-mail to the office. This rule, you will appreciate, is in the interest of your child’s safety.


Children are prohibited from leaving the school grounds at any time, unless they have a note signed by a parent/guardian requesting permission. Should any problem arise during break time there are always teachers on playground supervision.


All children follow the course of study as laid down in the 1999 National Curriculum by the Department of Education. Every child has the opportunity to play football and hurling both at class level and for the school . The religious programme is as prescribed by the Diocesan authorities and the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation are celebrated yearly.


It is customary in St. Laurence’s BNS to give homework each night. The amount will of course depend on the class level and the pupil.

Each child from first class upwards should have a homework diary. Parents/Guardians should see this diary each day and sign it when they are satisfied the work is done to a high standard. The homework diary is also an invaluable means of communication between the teacher and parents/guardians.

School Reports

A school report is sent to parents at the end of each academic school year.

A formal parent/teacher meeting is held, outside of school hours, normally in November - January. A brief written report is also furnished to parents/guardians at this meeting from senior infants upwards.

Guidelines for Pupils

  • Classroom Behaviour
  • Do what you are told immediately
  • Come with everything you need for school
  • Do your best work and let others do theirs
  • Stay in your work-place unless told to do otherwise
  • Respect others and their property
  • Walk and line up quietly
  • Gentle manners at all times

Children Moving Around the School

  • Walk on the left hand side
  • Enter doorways one pupil at a time
  • No running, shouting, pushing or playing inside the school
  • If you are first in the line, hold the door for your class to file in
  • Do not be inside the school unless you have permission to be there
  • Do not enter by the front door nearest the office